Pet Partners from across the country have headed into offices for an exciting new initiative, and the reaction to our Pet Partners Animal-Assisted Workplace Well-being program has been amazing! Read about our innovative nationwide workplace well-being program with Aetna.

When Pet Partners therapy animal teams make workplace well-being visits, they boost employee morale and satisfaction, and increase productivity. Numerous studies have shown that when people take just a few moments to pet an animal, their stress is reduced. Research also shows that animals in the workplace often lead to more productive coworker interaction, increased trust levels between colleagues, and more effective collaboration.

What employees are saying about office visits from Pet Partners Workplace Well-being teams:

 “I can’t adequately explain how much I loved this! This completely made my day better.”

“I would like to let you know that I had a very good experience with the therapy dogs. I am a big animal lover and I knew it would be a relaxing experience for me. But it was much more than that! I saw people that were shy, but still felt good and came more than once to have that moment of tenderness. Wonderful experience!”

 “I look forward to it all week when I know Pet Partners will be here. The dogs and owners are very sweet and calming, and it is nice to talk with fellow employees that you wouldn’t meet otherwise.”

Are you ready for your employees and colleagues to feel more focused, less stressed, and more likely to connect with one another?

Pet Partners will work with you to determine a date and time for your workplace well-being visit. Sometimes companies choose a one-day event to coincide with a high stress deadline or a company-wide wellness day. We can also work with your company to set up a year-round therapy animal visiting program.

Pet Partners will allocate staff resources to recruit requested therapy animal teams for your event.  We will target the recruitment based on your company’s specific event needs including geographic location, species-specific requests, and requests to appear during specific dates and times. We will work closely with your company’s designated representative to tailor our messaging and outreach.

Please note: Pet Partners therapy animal teams visit no more than two hours during a 24-hour period. Because our teams are volunteers, participation cannot be guaranteed. Pet Partners will keep you informed of volunteer response to your event opportunity.

Is there a cost to participate?

Companies who team up with Pet Partners Workplace Well-being activities make a donation through our Sponsored Visit Program. To learn more about our Sponsored Visit Program and to get started with developing a Pet Partners Workplace Well-being Program, please email Katie Kasten.