Pet Partners volunteers renew their registration every two years as part of our commitment to ensuring our gold standard of therapy animal teams. The process is simple and can be managed online.

I am ready to renew my Pet Partners registration. How do I start?

  • Go to the Volunteer Center and create an account, or log in if you already have an account. Registrations may only be completed online.
  • Go to the My Registrations page, and scroll down to Manage Your Active Registrations.
  • Find the name of the animal for the registration you wish to renew. A link to start your renewal will appear 180 days (about six months) before your registration expires.
  • There is a recording of the process in the Volunteer Center Resource Library (login required).

What will I need in order to renew my registration?

  • An updated Animal Health Screening Form
  • A new team evaluation
  • An updated badge photo (only if you want to upload a new image)

My registration has expired. Can I still renew?

If your registration expired more than two years ago, you will need to retake the Handler Course. As a previously registered handler, you qualify to receive a discount on the online course. Contact Us to get your unique discount code.

Not sure when your registration expired? Log in to the Volunteer Center (or create an account, if you don’t have one yet) and go to the My Registrations page. Your date of expiration will be listed there.

Why does Pet Partners require re-evaluation for renewal when other organizations do not?

Pet Partners believes the safety of visits for both the client and the animal is enhanced through recurring evaluations for therapy animal teams. This standard is recommended by both the International Association of Human Animal Interaction Organizations (IAHAIO) and the Society of Healthcare Epidemiology of America (SHEA). Read more about standards all therapy animal teams should meet here.

How long will it take to complete my renewal?

Processing your renewal registration takes around 10 business days once we have all the necessary information. The online process will take you step by step through everything that you need to provide.

Visit the Volunteer Center today to start your renewal!

 Six Reasons to Renew Your Registration!

  1. Be part of the most prestigious therapy animal program in the U.S.
  2. Receive comprehensive insurance coverage for your visits.
  3. Get access to discounted or free continuing education courses are available only to registered handlers.
  4. Connect with a growing community group network.
  5. Receive eNews and Interactions magazine to keep you up to date with the organization.
  6. You are part of something special: more than 3 million visits annually made by over 15,000 teams – touching lives, improving health.

Visit the Volunteer Center to begin your registration renewal today!