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Become a Handler | Pet Partners

Become a Handler

Registering as a Pet Partners team does require an in-person team evaluation, which is currently available in countries on a limited basis. Follow these steps to register as a global team with Pet Partners:


Review Program Requirements & Find a Local Pet Partners Evaluator

Pet Partners is available in a limited number of countries and, in many cases, just a few cities within those countries. Check the map above to ensure you can access an evaluator; then verify that your team meets requirements.


Create an International Volunteer Center Account & Start Team Registration

The International Volunteer Center is a website through which you can express interest, read more about program requirements, find tools that will help you prepare for your volunteerism, and access required documents.


Complete the Online Handler’s Course

All volunteers must take this course prior to evaluating. It is available in a convenient online format for worldwide access.


Schedule and Pass Your In-Person Team Evaluation with Your Pet

Available evaluations are posted on our online calendar, or you can reach out directly to an evaluator in your area to schedule. Evaluations can only be completed in person and by a licensed Pet Partners evaluator.


Finalize registration and submit payment

After a successful evaluation, ensure all documentation is complete and pay your two-year registration fee.

I have confirmed that Pet Partners is available in my location.