Candace was a very special cat. With most of her past including terrible circumstances, such as being declawed and living in a hoarder’s home, it’s amazing to see how much love she had left to give after years of hurt. Eventually, she made it to a rescue group where she was taken in by her loving owner and soon to be handler, Deborah Denton. It took a little longer for Deborah to get Candace to trust her, but once she saw all the love and care that she would be given, Candace turned into the most loving cat. Even the rescue group leader was amazed to hear that Candace had become a registered therapy animal after the state she showed up in.

There is one patient in particular that stands out to Deborah. This patient loved visits from Candace. Candace equally loved the attention, always cuddling up in her lap. One day, Deborah and Candace went to see her and she wasn’t in her room. One of the employees informed Deborah of the patient’s passing. Deborah leaned down to tell Candace that her friend had passed away and could see her little kitty face drop as if it hurt her heart. This patient had just as much of effect on Candace as Candace had on her.


RIP to a wonderful therapy animal, Candace!