Pet Partners Announces Top Therapy Animal Names of 2015

(with a presidential presence emerging)!

Bellevue, WA, 1/26/2016 – Pet Partners, the nation’s leading organization in therapy animal work, is recognizing the most popular names for therapy dogs and therapy cats for 2015.

After our end of year roll call of our almost 14,000 teams, we have created a list of the most popular names for the year of 2015. Pet Partners registers 9 species of therapy animals but for another year it is dogs that top the charts followed by cats. See if your four legged-friends made the list!

Here is a sneak peek at the list of the top 5 names of 2015 for our therapy dogs and therapy cats:


With names like “Bella” and “Lucy” proving to be the most popular it seems that it is not uncommon for our furry friends to have more human type names. Perhaps this reflects just what a part of the family they are considered to be by their pet parents.

However, in contrast, some other naming themes seem to be emerging. Not making it to the top names spots but certainly having a presidential presence in the build up to election year was Clinton (1), Bernie (7), Roosevelt (1), Reagan (2), Kennedy (2) Nixon (1) and even a guinea-pig called Wilson. Other “forces” also seemed to influence naming conventions with Han Solo and Chewbacca also appearing.

Pet Partners registers 9 species of animals for therapy work in addition to dogs and cats. Our mini-horses, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, mini-pigs, llamas and domesticated rats are in smaller numbers and with wildly more varied names. They may not have their own top name table – but we value them just as much!!


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