Coming Soon!

What is an online community?

A virtual space for current, prospective and retired volunteers around the world to connect.

Why would I want to visit the community?

You can read and contribute to discussion boards, post images and even message individuals directly. Want to talk to someone else who handles guinea pigs? Looking for tips on how to approach a new facility? Interested in sharing your best tips to new teams preparing to visit for the first time? Wish you knew more volunteers in your zip code? The online community might just be for you!

Still not sure?

No pressure. We see the community as an added benefit, not a requirement. Just know, you can customize your privacy settings, receive digests via email, and casually browse topics of interest. Of course, we also hope you’ll contribute and share the wealth of experience that makes you an amazing volunteer.

We’re working hard to get your new community built. We’ll announce its opening via email or check back here again soon!