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Mrs. Jane’s Dogs

August 8, 2016

Nearing the end of our visit, I with Maxine, Linda with Buddy and Karen with Bailee went into Ms. Jane’s room. She was tearful and said that she had been so upset and crying because she was so lonely and no one had come to see her in a very long time. Upon seeing the dogs Mrs. Jane immediately began to smile from ear to ear. She began telling us how much she loved all animals and how very happy she was that we came to visit her. She insisted that we put the dogs on her bed so she could pet them. Two of them were small enough to oblige while Bailee greeted her at the bedside. Her son came into the room just as we had and he confirmed that his mother had been very sad and tearful all day. He stated, “I am so glad that you brought the dogs to see my mom”. We saw a photograph of her once beloved dog on her small dresser table. We realized that she could not see the photo from where she was, so we moved it to her bedside table and she was delighted, we left it there so she could recall all the good times they had.
Mrs jane and her pups branded

Written by Cheryl Cohen

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