Join Pet Partners in a growing movement demonstrating the impact of animal-assisted interventions on human health and well-being. Long considered the gold standard, LEARN how Pet Partners Therapy Animal Program achieves this reputation.

L – we Lessen risk 

Animal-assisted interactions boost the emotional and physical health of a wide range of client populations, but AAI is not without risk. Our teams are competent and professional, and are covered by a $2 million liability insurance policy. As such, they’re the first choice of healthcare, residential care, and education facilities across the nation. We’ve earned their trust over nearly thirty years of excellence in therapy animal work combined with comprehensive policies designed to reduce risk. Review this infographic to compare levels of potential risk among therapy animal programs. 

E – we Educate our handlers

Our teams complete comprehensive coursework as part of their therapy animal team registration requirements. The coursework addresses stringent infection control protocols, proactive and safe animal handling, and best practices for interacting with clients. As a result, teams are versatile, prepared, and inspire confidence while visiting. Teams also have access to top-of-the line continuing education opportunities, including full courses and webinars developed in line with current research. Educated handlers are better able to conduct safe, effective visits. Learn more about our online course opportunities, appropriate for anyone interested in the field of AAI.

A – we focus on Animal welfare

Therapy animal visits are most beneficial when the animal team members’ needs are met. That obligation ensures safety and simultaneously makes visits joyful and rich for the handler, animal, and client. All Pet Partners teams know that You Are Your Animal’s Best Advocate (YAYABA™). Join our teams in taking the YAYABA™ pledge and review our organization’s current positions on a variety of welfare concerns here

R – we are committed to Rigor

Not every animal (or handler) is suitable for therapy animal volunteer work. Successful handlers are strong communicators and self-directed leaders who prioritize their animal’s well-being in quickly changing circumstances. Our registration process (which is a combination of coursework, health screening, and an evaluation for skills and aptitude) is a comprehensive approach to screen teams for excellence. Find out what it takes to become a team with us. 

N – we register Nine species

Our program values the diverse gifts offered by each species. From rabbit to guinea pig, or from horse to parrot, this inclusive approach fosters numerous applications for therapy animal work, and connects to an equally varied client base with needs ranging from physical to emotional. Pet Partners registers nine different species in total, and we are the only national therapy animal organization to do so. Take a look at past issues of Pet Partners’ Interactions Magazine to see the colorful faces that make our program outstanding.

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