On every Tuesday, Charlie visits a hospice facility where his elderly friend Gwen lives. He loves his weekly visit to see Gwen even if she doesn’t know that he is there. Gwen has often asked her family, “Is it Tuesday? Charlie comes on Tuesdays”. She has been a dog lover her whole life and Charlie brings her happiness and distraction from her day to day life in hospice. Gwen has often said to handler Mary Graham, “You can leave him here and I’ll take care of him”.

Today is Tuesday and Charlie will once again make his way to Gwen’s room. He will jump up in bed with her and lay down by her side, put his head on her leg. She will be happy knowing Charlie is hers if even for a little while.

Charlie visits everyone he meets before he gets to Gwen’s room. It is hard to imagine Charlie’s capacity to love when you consider the journey he has been on. Two years ago Charlie was rescued and was in very bad shape. After some time adjusting and getting healthy, Charlie became a part of the family and his loving personality inspired his Mom to help others. Mary found Pet Partners nearby and they began the registration process. One year ago the team started their journey and Mary has witnessed Charlie make a big difference to people like Gwen who need it most.

  • Handler Mary Graham, Columbia, TN

Charlie 1