Having only been a therapy team for 2 years, I was touched by the feedback we received from MacNeal in just a couple visits. Quincy has made a difference at Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) and at Oak Park Arms, but the most treasured feedback has come from MacNeal Hospital. In working with their behavioral health team, we received the following feedback:

“I didn’t think I could smile again… and now I can feel myself beaming.”

“It’s like all my anxiety went away.”

“This was meant to be. I needed this more than I could explain.”

“We all are connected, it’s important to remember we aren’t alone.”

Reviewing these comments made me think about why Quincy and I do what we do. Quincy has the ability to take away stress and anxiety utilizing his laid-back attitude and his cute belly, which is always in need of a good rubbing. Sharing the benefits I receive from Quincy makes others happy and calm. I never knew how important and special he is. His ability affects not just the patients–it provides therapy to his handler and the staff at the hospital too.

At CTCA, we visit a department that works with prospective patients. These patients are very upset and scared as their diagnosis of cancer is a life-changing event. Quincy also visits these cancer warriors and gives them his love and understanding allowing them to go back to their work relaxed and refreshed… just by rubbing his belly! Quincy is full of love, non-judgmental, and just what the doctor ordered!

Story provided by Tim Hedrick