David Meyers and his therapy dog Summer were asked by the principal of Guliford High School to visit the school for a number of days to provide support and comfort to the school population following the tragic loss of a student. David has worked for the school as a consulting therapist for a number of years and is well known by the school community, and generously volunteered his time with Summer to bring comfort to students. During their time at the school, David and Summer provided individual and group interactions with the students and even spent some time in the hallways and classrooms. Their presence provided both pleasure and comfort.

One student explained the impact that Summer had on the school and fellow students, saying that she was able to bring joy during a time of grief and that it was possible to hold both feelings at the same time. Summer also attended the vigil and wake for the community, where she was joined by a few other therapy animals. In the 5-hour time period, Summer was able to provide support, grounding, joy, and love.

Thank you to David and Summer for all they do for Pet Partners!

Story provided by David M. Meyers