Some of my most precious memories with Ranger take place at our local senior care facilities. The way the residents respond to Ranger and his calm, loving demeanor is incredible. Earlier this month, Ranger and I had a wonderful time visiting at an outdoor party for memory care residents. We interacted with at least 20 people, Ranger spreading comfort and relief to all. One lady sat slumped over, head bowed, in a wheelchair. Ranger and I approached her and I asked if she would like to pet my therapy dog. Her head raised and her thin fingers reached out to touch Ranger. It was a shining moment for us. When the party ended, a lady asked to say goodbye to Ranger. He joyfully accepted her petting and even a hug. A few minutes later, the same lady asked to say goodbye to Ranger (this happened three times). Thanks to Pet Partners and my thorough training, I acted as though it was the first goodbye each time.

On another recent visit, Ranger and I had a wonderful opportunity to spread comfort and love to two residents in Assisted Living at La Posada. Sandy is a dear friend and a consummate animal lover. I’m still trying to figure out who enjoyed the visit more. Was it Sandy, or was it Ranger? Our next visit was with Patricia, who told me that she was one of the original founders of The Animal League of Green Valley, Arizona! She and Ranger formed a special bond within minutes. On our way out, Ranger and I stopped to visit with a lady who was gazing unenthusiastically at her lunch. I asked her if she would like to pet Ranger. She perked up, put her hand on Ranger’s back and stroked his heavy coat. I asked her if she had owned dogs before. To my delight, she told me a great story about her life on a farm with dogs who were trained to herd the cattle. When we left her, the nurse told me that our visit was amazing, as she had never seen the lady’s face light up in such a way.

Thank you to Judy and Ranger for all you do for Pet Partners!

Story submitted by Judy Malmstrom