Saying goodbye is hard. Today I had to say goodbye to one of my favorite friends. She is in her final days here on Earth. Mama brought me to her bed where she was sleeping. Her family said she hadn’t opened her eyes in days. Mama placed me next to her on her bed. I placed my front paws on her chest and cuddled my body to her heart. It’s where I like to be. I remembered how she always liked my kisses, so I gently gave her a nose bump on her cheek. That’s when the most amazing thing happened! She opened her eyes!! She stared at me for a good minute and I said my goodbye. When Mama took me away, she gently closed her eyes again. Everyone in the room could not believe what just happened. Tears streamed down family members face’s as they thanked Mom and me for that special moment. I am going to miss my friend. ❤Love, Bentley the Therapy Bunny

Story provided by Bentley and his handler, Megan!