Beverly volunteers for the Young Scholars group at her local library with her dog Tessa and her cat Zane. Excited to be involved in this local Read with Me program, Beverly brought Tessa in first to interact with the children.  They all loved her and most had enough courage to read to the nonjudgmental listener that she was. However, one little boy in particular was allergic to dogs so he could not interact with Tessa. After the first hour was complete, Beverly brought in Zane. Luckily, the little boy was still present and finally got his opportunity to read to a therapy animal. He was so delighted to have his chance and after propping up his book, he read to Zane without hesitation. Before Beverly packed up to leave, the little boy came over with a special thank you: a hand drawing of Beverly, Tessa and Zane all on a walk together. It’s a gift we’re sure they will cherish forever.

Story provided by Beverly Oakes