Beau, a rescue from MaPaw Siberian Husky Rescue is a true example of why rescued pets are best. Beau, a neglect case, unwanted and unloved, was placed on the euthanasia list where the small rescue saved his life. From the day Beau came into handler and owner Caroline Loevner’s life, they paid it forward. Beau, a registered Pet Partners therapy dog, has four weekly commitments. Beau services persons living with HIV/AIDS at Terence Cardinal Cooke Healthcare Center, pediatric cancer at Ronald McDonald House, students through A Fair Shake for Youth, and homebound clients through Alliance Homecare ( The duo volunteers over 300 hours annually and their outreach doesn’t stop with these four organizations. Beau is involved in special give-back projects with Macy’s, Imperial Court of NY, New Alternatives for Children, FEMA, Harlem Children’s ZoneSt. Francis Food Pantries & Shelters, and the list goes on. Beau is an advocate for rescue by spreading his mission that rescued pets are best and can be transformed into working dogs today.

For the fourth year, Beau and Caroline were invited to attend the St. Francis Food Pantries and Shelters annual holiday party sponsored by companies such as Macy’s, Chase Bank, Time Warner, and more! Over 400 people were in attendance including approximately 100 children. The day included face painters, a delicious lunch, live music, a magician, Santa and his elf, lots of presents, and a special appearance from Beau! Beau is always a hit with the children. In underserved communities or in a shelter, families often don’t have pets, so a visit from Beau and Caroline is much anticipated all year round.

Each year, Caroline and Beau bring some sort of gift to a child. Past years have included hats and bags but this year, one lucky child received a “Beau Bear,” a plush toy that looks just like Beau himself!


Story provided by Caroline Loevner