Ari and I have been a Pet Partners team since March 2017. Ari is a 4-year-old Frenchton (French Bulldog/Boston Terrier).  We are coming up on the anniversary of when our lives took a turn in another direction. On September 14th, 2016, I was given a choice of euthanasia or to rush him into emergency surgery. This choice was after three discs had herniated, damaging his spinal cord and leaving him paralyzed. His Neurosurgeon said he may have been born with IVDD (Intervertebral Disc Disease). Ari will never regain the use of his lower back or hind legs, but that has not stopped him from sharing his love.

We volunteer at the Western Connecticut Health Network, Danbury Hospital, as well as elderly shut ins. This fall, we look forward to working with the school system in the Special Education department. We plan on using the Read With Me incentive to assist the students. Although Ari was not rescued from a shelter, he has a forever home with me. I say this because, what I consider my everyday life in the care of Ari and his handicap needs, is not for everyone. I hear “God Bless You for saving him!”, every time someone sees Ari in his wheelchair and hears his story. His Neurosurgeon has commented of how immaculately clean I keep him and how happy he is. The costly surgery and wheelchair are something many people have questioned me on. A price can not be put on Love. Not only do I Love Ari, but now I get to share just how awesome my little guy is. Many tell me he is their inspiration to try harder and overcome their hurdles. Ari and I thank Pet Partners for opening doors to new experiences and all the wonderful people we meet.

Story provided by Pet Partners Handler Lisa Demetrius