Yoli and I experienced a unique and sweet experience as we were visiting the waiting rooms at Mosaic Life Care. We usually focus on the ICU Waiting Rooms, but on this day we were drawn to the general waiting room area.

As we were visiting, we saw a gentleman motion for us to come over, so we moved to a vacant chair next to him. Yoli, a faded red, eleven pound miniature poodle, sat upright on my lap facing the gentleman at which point it became clear the gentleman’s method of communication was sign language.

After Yoli greeted him, wrapping her front paws around his wrist, the gentleman looked toward his family and signed to them, with a huge grin on his face.  They watched as the gentleman turned back continuing to pet Yoli and use sign language. Yoli raised her paws to try and touch his hands which the gentleman interpreted as Yoli trying to sign back to him. He was so happy that they continued to touch and connect in this very unique way.  His worry over his loved one was diminished by this unexpected gift resulting from the connection between the two of them.  And, I believe, from the reaction of the family, they were pleased with the sweetness and comfort this small animal was able to bring to all of them.

Waiting for the outcomes of a procedure is very stressful, and our Pet Partners can bring them all so much relief.  Please remember to visit those in the waiting rooms. You will experience many tender and heartwarming moments while providing comfort and companionship to many non-patients and staff.

In gratitude for this wonderful program,

Yoli and Susan – St. Joseph, MO