Daisy and I are a registered Pet Partners therapy animal team. For the past four years, we have made weekly visits to Joe who lives at a residential mental health facility in Connecticut. Throughout his childhood, Joe suffered abuse, but he continues to work on recovery as an adult. I have seen tremendous progress in Joe in the time that I have been visiting him with Daisy. He is always so thankful for our visits and acknowledges how calming they are for him.

A year and a half ago, Daisy was diagnosed with bone cancer and had to have her front leg amputated. During her recovery time, she was unable to visit the hospital. When she returned months later, Joe was the first to welcome her and was immediately accepting of her new state, and in turn, he helped other patients deal with the shock of her newly missing leg. His love and gratitude for Daisy are palpable and heartwarming.

To express his appreciation for Daisy, Joe wrote her a touching poem and shared his appreciation with Pet Partners.

Daisy’s my friend, I mean a Godsend. Sent from heaven to this time and place. I love when our eyes meet and I see her beautiful face. She changed my life when it was full of chaos and strife. Now I have some peace. 

Thanks, Daisy!  

Story submitted by Tiffany Riggs