Michael and Bill McCulloch

Drs. Michael and Bill McCulloch

In 1977, a group of visionaries led by veterinarians Dr. Leo K. Bustad and Dr. William ‘Bill’ McCulloch and his brother, psychiatrist Dr. Michael J. McCulloch, along with a quartet of veterinarians, came to know one another as they shared their observations that pets were having a positive impact on their human clients’ health and happiness. They started the Delta Foundation and planted the seed that would grow exponentially over the next four decades to become Pet Partners, the nation’s largest and most prestigious nonprofit educating handlers and evaluating multiple species for animal-assisted interventions.

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When you join the Delta Giving Society, with an annual gift of at least $1,000, you will demonstrate your commitment to the growing field of animal-assisted interventions. As a result of the generous support of other visionaries, Pet Partners is proud of the leadership role we have played. We will continue to lead through continuing education and online curriculum courses and webinars offered at no or reduced cost to our volunteers; these educational components help provide further instruction to our teams so their visits can be relevant to the client’s needs, from PTSD to autism, memory loss, children with cancer, children reading, and more.

As our gift to you, you will receive a Delta Giving Society pewter pin and a Certificate of Membership.

For only $84 dollars a month.

With a monthly gift of only $84–the cost of dinner and a movie–you can wear a Delta Giving Society pin with pride. You’ll receive your pin when you reach a level of support of $1,000 or more in a calendar year. With your gift, we will also implement a “Best in Class” initiative that will include investing in quality assurance for our handlers, evaluators, and instructors by providing mentoring opportunities, education on evaluating additional species, and an online community. This will ensure our teams are equipped with the tools necessary to deliver animal-assisted interventions at the highest level of professionalism, skill, and safety.