On June 29, 2013, Dexter was picked up stray and dumped in a high kill facility in San Jacinto, CA.  At just 35lbs, he was emaciated and quickly contracted kennel cough due to his poor physical condition.  As he was being walked to the euthanasia room six days later, a wonderful rescuer pulled him, literally stopping his final walk. Dexter’s rescuer was Kathleen Hubbard, a fierce advocate for Pitbull’s and rescue dogs.

It quickly became apparent that Dexter had been horribly beaten. He panicked onto the ground the first time Hubbard lifted her hand to throw a stick, trembling and squeezing his eyes closed, he waited for the blows to fall. Kathleen immediately dropped the stick and ran to comfort him, assuring him he would never be beaten again.  Sadly, the beatings resulted in severe deterioration of his spine and hips, so he’s on daily pain management and he can no longer race around the backyard with Lulu.  He’s only 5.

Dexter’s story is inspiring to all, as he shows unconditional love to others even with his painful history. Hubbard noticed Dexter’s sweet disposition and decided he would be a great addition to her growing therapy dog team. Kathleen and Dexter began therapy dog training in March 2014, passed their evaluation in May, and became Pet Partners in June 2014.  Dexter now visits a nursing home, an assisted living facility, and the domestic violence shelter.  He also has quite a fan club of children at the schools and library.

Dexter with signed release photo of blind lady.