On August 1, 2016, Daisy and I visited our local hospital for the first time.  We checked in and then proceeded to the third floor.  When the elevator doors opened, we ran into a Doctor who said, “Oh boy, we have a special visitor!”  All the nursing staff came over and petted Daisy, then started asking me to visit certain rooms if I could.

After Daisy and I visited several patients rooms, I knew it was getting close to
time to leave.  I said to Daisy, “Shall we go home now?”  I turned to leave, but Daisy
would not go the way I wanted.  She insisted we go a different direction, to the other end of the hall.  There was a man staring out the window, wiping tears from his cheeks.  Daisy went to him and put her paws up on his leg.  He reached down and said, “What are you doing beautiful?”

I said, “She’s a therapy dog and apparently she knows you need some therapy.”

He sat down and Daisy stood up on her hind legs and hugged him.  He cried and hugged her until his tears stopped, then he said, “My Mom just got a terminal report.  I don’t know what I would have done without this sweet little girl.”

He looked at Daisy and said, “Thank you for being here”

Written by Gloria Hudnall

Gloria and Daisy Branded