On their way to the elevator during a visit, Lynn witnessed something amazing between her therapy dog Tara, and a stranger. The team was headed towards the elevator at a hospital they frequently visit and a large burly man had rushed out of a room in a hurry, visibly upset and trying desperately not to break down. The three loaded into the elevator and Lynn kept to herself, in hopes to avoid embarrassing the man. As the elevator doors were shutting the man knelt to his knee next to Tara and buried his face into her neck. Tara gently hooked her head over his shoulder and though Lynn couldn’t quite make out the words that were being said, there was an exchange or prayer that he whispered to Tara as they quietly rode down while he held her.

“What I saw was that his carriage changed from shoulders slumped to square. When we arrived on the ground floor he stood up a different person from the one that had entered several floors above. He walked off the elevator with his composure regained, his pride intact and better ready to deal with whatever devastating news that came from the hospital room he quickly left”. – Lynn Brown


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