Did you know that pets are great listeners? Pet Partners invites young readers to join us for We Are All Ears, our Worldwide Read with Pets Project!

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There are great benefits of reading to pets.

Children who are learning to read are often hesitant about their reading abilities. Many kids feel more at ease reading to pets, who are simply there to listen – not to judge how well they are reading.

Turning pages and turning up the confidence!

During this time of social isolation, Pet Partners is encouraging families and children to read to their pets. We know many of you are experiencing changes to your child’s education routine, and many of you are working hard to educate your children at home. Reading to pets is an amazing way to get your child excited about reading!

Take the pledge today to participate in our program and gain access to our We Are All Ears resources:

  • A reading log, bookmark templates to color in and cut out, and a special BINGO card will all help to encourage regular reading.
  • A Certificate of Completion to present to your child and pet upon reaching their goals – pretty much equivalent to an honorary “Dogtorate” degree!
  • Our Fact Sheet on the proven benefits of reading to pets, plus some simple and helpful tips.
  • You can also purchase our official “We Are All Ears” T-shirt! Proceeds from the sale of these shirts benefit Pet Partners and they are available in a variety of colors and sizes including youth sizes.
  • Our Take The Lead blog post has additional information, plus suggestions for ways anyone (even those who don’t have kids or pets at home) can take part.

Get started today!

Take the pledge today to participate in our program! Our goal is to have thousands of readers and pets all across the country and the world teaming up to read!
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