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The idea that animals have a positive impact on human health and well-being is worth defending and promoting, and we hope you’ll join us in a new grassroots advocacy initiative to do just that!

You may already be involved in local grassroots organizations to affect change in your community, whether on environmental, education, or transportation issues. You know how influential these efforts can be. Pet Partners believes together we can have the same positive impact on animal-assisted interventions, and more broadly, the human-animal bond.

Our efforts are non-partisan: Our goal is to educate, not promote the election or defeat of candidates for any elected office.

Our program is voluntary for everyone including our current therapy animal volunteers: Our program is an “opt-in” format, which means that you will only receive special advocacy communications if you join the program.

Our program is for everyone: While not everyone interested the positive impact animals have on human health and well-being is a therapy animal team, anyone can be passionate about the human-animal bond! When you register as an advocate, you lend your voice to important issues that you care about.

Our advocates are prepared for success: With free resources you can use to organize locally, and education on important topics like how to effectively communicate with elected officials, our message is amplified and we can make the greatest impact.

We look forward to having you join us in this cause.

To our international friends, supporters and volunteers: Currently this program is focusing on U.S. public policy. While we are unable to accommodate your sign up as an advocate at this time, we do encourage you to share the message about the importance of therapy animal standards in your country.

Sign up now!