Whether you and your wonderful companion animal are interested in seeing if volunteering as a Pet Partners team is right for you, you are interested in bringing Pet Partners to your community, or you want to support the wonderful work of our Therapy Animal Program teams, we hope you’ll Act today.

Bring Pet Partners to Your Community

Pet Partners serves communities in all 50 states and relies on an extensive volunteer network. If you have determined that there are no Pet Partners programs located within a reasonable distance for you to attend an evaluation, you can be the catalyst to bring the Pet Partners Therapy Animal Program to facilities where you live. We’ve made it easy for you to get started.

Bring Animal Assisted Activities to Your Facility

Thousands of facilities have opened their doors to Pet Partners therapy animal teams. Visits by well-trained and thoroughly screened handlers and their animals can benefit the health and well-being of people in hospitals, assisted living, schools, veterans’ facilities, rehabilitation centers, and many other facilities.

Research shows that positive interactions with animals increase endorphins, oxytocin, prolactin, and dopamine, the hormones associated with blood pressure regulation, pain relief, stress relief, and joy. Visits from therapy animal teams can normalize stays away from home for hospital patients, improve motivation to participate in treatment protocols, and lessen worry, anxiety, unhappiness, and pain.

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Become an Advocate

Join us in leading the education of local, state, and federal policymakers on the science of the health benefits to the human-animal bond and appropriate interactions, and advocating for important legislation to increase access to therapy animals.

Show Your Support!

You can also Act today by making a gift to support therapy animals and their handlers. You can also make a tribute or memorial gift in honor of a human or animal. Perhaps you’ve been on the receiving end of a life-affirming therapy animal visit and want to recognize the wonderful team or animal that brightened your day.