Since 1990, our Therapy Animal Program has set the standard for what it means to deliver excellence in animal-assisted interventions.

Excellence is…

  1. Pioneering training for the human end of the leash (the Pet Partners Handler Course).
  2. Our continuing education coursework for the general public including a Canine Body Language course and a course with a focus on Infection Prevention & Control for animals working in healthcare settings.
  3. Requiring all therapy animal teams to renew their registration with us every two years, ensuring that animals are healthy and enjoying their work (crucial to their welfare) and handlers are prepared for every situation that might arise on a visit (crucial for clients’ safety & staff members’ trust).
  4. Supporting animal welfare through core program values like YAYABA™.
  5. Engaging volunteers in special initiatives to promote all aspects of public health, including Pet Partners’ Read with Me™ and Walk with Me™.