Thursday was Hollie’s first day to go with me to a Seattle hospital where we met with stroke recovery survivors.

I had a stroke 13 years ago, and Hollie is my recovery dog.  I needed a lot of sleep and recovery time, and Hollie was right with me, all the time.


Two years ago, Hollie’s leg was had a hairline fracture that was caused by sarcoma. They said the bone would not re-heal, so they needed to take the leg off.  While taking a leg off is really difficult for humans, dogs seem to be very resilient.  Shortly after the surgery, Hollie came home and jumped right up into her favorite chair.


When I retired, I wanted to help stroke recovery survivors.  I soon met a Pet Partner therapy dog at the hospital.  The people I worked with at the hospital learned about Hollie, and asked If I would like to work with Pet Partners to get her registered as a therapy dog, and then bring her with me on my visits.


Pet Partners was wonderful to work with when we took the course, tested and did our group evaluation.

Thursday was a great day. Hollie is the best part of our team.

Scott and Holliehollies-story-1